Laurent Cadot and Elur Alberdi mixed double scull world champions PR3 in para rowing

Laurent Cadot conquers a title that had always eluded him when he was a rower in the Olympic categories.

Laurent Cadot raised his arms to the sky when his boat had not yet crossed the finish line. His advantage was such that he was able to celebrate the para rowing world title won in the mixed double scull PR3 with Elur Alberdi on Friday in the Racice basin in the Czech Republic. In their first season together, Cadot, 39, and Alberdi, 45, took advantage of a major technical foul by the Brazilians to win with a lead of 2.12 on a boat that will debut on the Paralympic Games program in 2024 in Paris.

laurent cadot

“The three of us wanted it to work. We make an amazing ending”

“Humanly, it’s huge, reports Elur Alberdi. We are on the skydiving team, that means we have a disadvantage and sometimes, like my case and Laurent’s, they are accidents, and in life you have to recover, that’s difficult. It is a second youth that I grasp enormously with all my heart. This medal for me is huge”

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Laurent Cadot aims for Paris 2024

Just as excited was Laurent Cadot, the one who participated in the Olympic Games (6th out of eight in 2004) and who only really accepted his handicap this year. “Come here, he said, I didn’t think we could be world champions. It is a boat that was built very quickly with a lot of desire from coach Loïc (Wedding), of the two. All three of us wanted it to work. We make an amazing ending. The Brazilians made mistakes at the beginning under pressure, but we managed to seize our opportunity. We did a 2000 with very few mistakes, with a huge last 300 meters that allowed us to win. » Laurent Cadot will do it again on Saturday with the final of four without coxswain PR3.

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